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The UL Mark on a product denotes that inspection body tested and calculated envoy good samples of that product and conclude that they meet UL requirements. Under a multiplicity of programs products are periodically checked by IB at the manufacturing facility to make sure they continue to meet UL requirements. The UL Marks may be only used on or in connection with products certified by IB and under the terms of written agreement with IB.

• What product needs UL Marking ?

These things include, components, tools, equipment, products, water quality, anything that DEALS with electrical, locks, industrial products including equipment, power equipment including tools and all high voltage equipment.

• Benefits

No requirement to modify manufacture programmed or risk impediment to accomplish certification. Businesses run rapidly to get safety-certified products to the bazaar at the correct time. ICI UK understands all these issues and can perform the necessary assessment /Improvement to help you achieve UL MARKING Certification.

Our Expertise

ICI UK can help every client in the industry to meet the highest standards of quality.

Our Unique features:

• Cost Effective services.
• Our certificates can be verified Online on website.
• Cheapest rate with best services.
• Fast and Reliable Services
• Valid in Supplier Evaluation
• Valid National & International Level


ICI UK has the strong vision to become a certification body with global presence and recognized as Professional, flexible and fair in our approach.
Certification against ISO 10002 will provide your organization with a high quality and reliable complaint management system. Effective complaint management will help you to improve customer service standards and deliver an good complaint handling system to differentiate you from your competitors.

Customer Satisfaction shows that your organization cares about customer feedback and receives, manages and resolves customer complaints effectively, including the following characteristics:

• Maintain certification standards
• Assess compliance with these standards
• Monitor continued compliance status
• Offer all our services with credibility,
reliability and efficiency
• Provide best-in-class certification, inspection and training services