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Saudi Arabia a Conformity Assessment

According to the system of Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the manufactured goods agreement plan should be implemented to most end user product imported to Saudi Arabia. Goods are supposed to have Saudi national standards or applicable international standards to acquire the Certificate of Conformity prior incoming Saudi Arabia.


Accessibility of a applicable technological rule or a standard connecting to the produce. Association have to present a break up application for every shipment gathering all the mandatory information as per to the forms prepared by SASO and the organization shall give assurance of the validity of all information provided by it. The organization shall supply SASO with any extra information vital on the goods and assist illustration samples essential for testing.


Improving the submission and statistics enable by the organization. Captivating existing samples from the shipment for inspection and testing as per vital technical policy or principles then creating a report of same. Carrying out essential and appropriate tests on existing samples as per proper Saudi technical policy or principles. Checking the report of inspection and testing and differentiating them with connected technical policy or principles. After then getting statement ready of the same.

Granting the Certificate to the organization if the goods samples confirm to the appropriate technical policy or principles. In accordance of non-conformity, SASO will inform the organization on paper, providing the explanation.


It is a sensible and systematic mode for brilliance with goods and marketable opposing- scam.
• Attaining customer satisfaction and Faith.
• Enhancing your deal.
• Having trade infrastructures for trade in conformity.
• Expansion and enhancement for the merchandise.
• Qualify the organization for local and international quality awards.
• Assisting the registration of goods through Custom harbor.
• Assisting export.
Advertising the institution name and reputation.
Serving the international financial system and developing antagonism in the local and international markets

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