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Organic Compliance

Organic Certification is the procedure for verifying that the products conform to certain standards. In case of Organic Products, it is primarily the acknowledgment that the products have been produced according to the applicable Organic Standards. Basically all the major organic markets of the world like European Union, USA, and Japan have developed their own Organic Standards. Over the years it has marked its presence in Food Industry with abundant certified organic processed food products sweeping market.

Organic certification helps in building trust between consumers and Organic farmers. The certification mark 'Organic' is the only means to differentiate between certified Organic and conventional foods. Labels and certification marks help a consumer to recognize trustworthy Organic products easily.

ICI UK understands all these issues and can perform the necessary assessment /Improvement to help you achieve ISO 14001:2015 Certification

Our Expertise

ICI UK can help every client in the industry to meet the highest standards of quality

Our Unique features

• Cost Effective services.
• Our certificates can be verified Online on website.
• Cheapest rate with best services.
• Fast and Reliable Services
• Valid in Supplier Evaluation
• Valid National & International Level


ICI UK has the strong vision to become a certification body with global presence and recognized as Professional, flexible and fair in our approach.
ICI UK is committed t to ensure the quality and welfare of the client organisation through the assessment
of a variety of certification programs that assess professional competency. The ICI UK approaches a review process to:
• Maintain certification standards
• Assess compliance with these standards
• Monitor continued compliance status
• Offer all our services with credibility,
reliability and efficiency
• Provide best-in-class certification, inspection and training services